December 31, 2019

Great things 2019 has had

So now that the year is coming to an end is the
time to check how good it has been.
Let me remark some of the best memories
this year has given me:

1. The opportunity to be an English teacher, working with kids and learning so much from them.

2. Created my very first feminist handmade totebag (includig remarkable women as Emma Watson, bell hooks and Virginia Woolf.

3. Come back to Madrid with my parter after 7 years from the first time we went there together.

4. Anne Boleyn has been my true inspiration for the costume I´ve designed

5. Went on a road trip to Saint Jean De Luz with the family

6. Proudly attended to my brother´s college graduation

7. Participated in a Woody Allen´s movie (Rifkin's festival, filmed at San Sabastian, in theatres in 2020)

8. Visited La France with my partner during Summertime  (including a visit to a real Chateaux)

9. Coming back to Galicia after so many years of summers there when I was a kid 

10. Moved with my partner (again) for good! Celebrating our sencond Halloween and first Christmas together

Happy New Year everyone!!

Martha Woolf

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