December 19, 2019

Shadows for every eyecolour

Today I want to talk about the different shades that suit every different eyecolour.

For example, let´s start with the dark browns, hazelnuts or black eyes. The colours that are best for them are the warm ones. The ochres, wines, browns in all the shades...

On the other side, we have the the greens and blues, and for these ones the cool shades go better, like lavenders or every irisdiscent tone, and sometimes, but this is just my opinion, reds and raspberries look stunning on them.

Of course this is just a subjective opinion but if you do a little research about it you´ll see I´m no that wrong.

Leave your comment to share your preferences. My absolute favourite, for my green eyes, are dark pinks or even burgundies.

Have a lovely day!

Pd.: eyeshadows palette is Drune´s
sunnies are Aldo´s
sweater is H&M´s
hairband is Primark

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