December 24, 2019

My top ten Christmas traditions

So today is Christmas Eve, and, because it´s a really busy day,
I´ll be brief in my post and I´ve made a list of my top ten Christmas 

1. Decorating. Might or might not be one of your favs but it´s
really special for me to see once again the Christmas decorations
I´ve colleted from my trips (Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Finland,
England, among others)

2. Baking cookies (or any kind of Christmas dessert like sponge or cinnamon rolls)

3.Watching all my favourite Holiday movies (some of the best ones are Love Actually, Harry Potter, Elf or Polar Express)

4. Go ice skating with my boyfriend (we´ve been going for three years now and I love it, it´s really fun and it brings me back great memories from when I was a kid)

5. Making homemade Christmas cards (and sending them to my family)

6. Go window shopping (love Christmas windows specially at places like Selfridges in London and Christmas lights in any city, and go shopping to find the perfect sparkling outfit to wear at New Year´s Eve, even if you freeze to death but always looking fab)

7. Buy, wrap, give and open presents (really special moment)

8. Take some cute Christmas pictures (to make our annual Christmas greeting card)

9. Play some board games with my loved ones (specially Monopoly, a real tradition)

10. Gathering with my whole family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

So I hope everyone has a holly jolly Christmas!

Martha W.



  1. I love all of these Christmas traditions! My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone! Hope you have a great New Year's!
    xoxo Kirsten |

  2. Thanks!! I love that movie too Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year´s!