April 20, 2020

Braids & Scrunchies

Hello everyone! I hope you´re having a good Monday or at least an okey one (stay home!). I woke up full of energy somehow and have planned to show you this week my secret to grow hair faster.

Today I leave you here some hairstyle inspiration. If you haven´t tried using scrunchies yet you must, because they are perfect to tight your hair if you´re working out or if you have a very fine hair (like me! Can´t wear anything else!) The one in the picture is H&M, linked it here but in different colour, and the jumper is H&M as well, linked a similar one, sorry it´s last season!

Also, did you know they were popular on the 90´s. Fashion always comes back luckily.

Stay tuned to discover my secret for a long hair and thanks for reading!

Martha W.

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