April 07, 2020

My very first H A I R tutorial

So here I bring you my very first hair tutorial.
As you know I´ve done it before with photo collages but never in a video.

If you click in the link below the video you will be redirected to my YouTube chanel but
I must warn you that the content from my privous videos is quite hilarious.

I posted some of them when I was in collage and even before that so you can imagine how 
professional they look. Although they´re creative and pleasent to watch, so go ahead if you like.

In this video you can see briefly how to create a basket weave hairdo in a very easy way. You can practice at home and wear it to a fancy dinner or as an every day office look too.

It is inspired by some medieval looks that I always love to watch in movies as "The Other Boleyne Girl" or "Mary Queen of Scots" and series as "Game of Thrones".

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Thanks for reading and watching! 

Martha W.

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