April 01, 2020

How to style a bow

Some days I just feel a bit bored having my hair just long and ginger. When I was in college I was blonde and then I went pink for a week, and after that I went brunette and short and then blonde again. And then ginger. And so on.
I think I´ll do a post about all these changes next time.

Nowdays I don´t get too crazy with my hairstyles, just sometimes (as the day I cut myself bangs).

But, how to avoid getting bored of your hair? The trick is playing with it, braid it, curly it, etcetera.

Also adding fun and cute accesories is a good way to change it. In this post I show you how I styled a bow, very plain and simple black bow, to give my hair a naif style.

As you can see in my inspo images, it seems perfect for a walk in the library or school.

Have a lovely day!

Martha W.

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