April 17, 2020

10 TIPS for CONCENTRATION during this quarantine

Here I share some useful tips for anyone who need a little extra focus on their daily activities during our current situation :

1. Make a list to plan your day , always a good method to stay focused.

2. Relax with some music around 30 minutes and allow yourself to use your phone or read a book or do any activity that you enjoy that feels like leisure time.

3. Cross out things on your list as you do them (SO SATISFYING and help you to keep going).

4. Set alarms on your phone so you can divide your morning / afternoon schedule (every 1.5/2 hours).

5. Keep your phone away, like in the other side of the room you´re in or even on another room if need it, you can leave it with the sound on for emergencies). Phones are so distracting and their only presence on our tables makes us so not focused.

6. Reward yourself every 2/2.30 hour with a healthy treat.


- Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts (a few pistachios, contain a lot of fat)

- Raw carrots (yummy and so good)

- Any kind of fruit (choose your favourites so you enjoy it and vary on them so you
don´t get bored of eating them every day)

- Sugar free bars (chocolate ones are great to focus, but try
not to eat the whole box)

- Rice cakes (the ones in the picture are from Flying Tiger)

- Chewing gums (if feeling just anxious but not hungry it´s a good
way to avoid snacking)

7. Move every 2 hours, at least to go to the loo, or:  walk your doggy, 20 minutes of pilates, yoga or meditation, walk around the house (this may sound silly but while you are on a phone call you can stretch your legs and it feels great). Even go for a walk if you are allowed in your country (in Spain is currently forbidden).

(Old pic from a photoshop back in college)

8. Grab some coffee or tea to keep you awake (but never too much, remember you´re at home all day, it can make you anxious in the long term).

9. Set a plan for the night. It will motivate you a lot till the end of the day. Around 6 / 8 pm you can stop working / studying (if your job allows it) and start making dinner and thinking about what movie or series are you watching tonight. Linked below some movie lists I´ve posted before, in case you need some inspiration:

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10. Go to bed early and set the alarm early as well. This will create a healthy habit to help you concentrate the following day and it´ll keep you in a good routine.  

Thanks for reading once more, I hope these tips are helpful for you and give me any suggestion to increase the list.

Have a lovely day!

Martha W.

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