June 17, 2020

Gilmore Girls Wishlist

I know the Summer season is coming this weekend but as it´s so rainy where I live (north of Spain has the same weather as Ireland, I swear) I´ve started with Gilmore Girls already. This show is so perfect for any time of the year (especially Fall, I know) and makes you feel so cozy enjoying your coffee.

As it is a show I love I´ve decided to make a wishlist based on it for everyone who enjoys watching it too. Every product reminds me of the series, the mugs, the tartan skirt (that screams "ready for Chilton"), the trivia book... And there´s something more. The tote bag is mine! I design them with quotes and my watercolours.

I have a bunch of them in my Etsy store. This one it´s perfect because of the coffee quote but if you like illustrated or even handmade linen and embroidered tote bags you just have found the perfect place at my store.

I leave you here everything linked and I hope you enjoy the products as I´ve enjoyed finding them for you! I´m totally getting the Trivia Book!

Have a nice day!

Martha W.

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