June 30, 2020


This video is a sum-up of some of my acting experiences and fashion shows that I´ve had over the last years. I´m going to briefly explain the origin of all.

When I was a kid I went to the theatre and loved the feeling, but most of it I got an idea: I wanted to be them, I wanted to act.
That´s when I joined my local Drama Club, after one year of impatiently waiting (by that time 6 years old was young to join the Club).
I spent 7 years of training and performing, doing some plays every June and having lots of fun.

When I was in high school I participated as an extra in my first movie. The film was called "Gordos", from director Daniel Sánchez Arevalo, and the result was a teenager dreaming of being an actress (but then fashion got in the way, I´ll explain it in another post).

After that period I started college in Madrid and there I enrolled in a professional Agency of Extras and Actors. There I did a few spots with brands like Vodafone, Orange, DGT and Energy XL.
One year after moving to Madrid I moved to La Rioja to finish college. In that new place, I participated in several fashion shows and projects due to what I was studying.

When I graduated from university in 2016 I moved to London for over a year. I didn´t have any acting experience but I did a fashion show at an H&M store I was working in, in Oxford Circus, and a few photo shootings.

Since I moved back to Spain I´ve participated in just a few more things: an ad for Eitb, a local TV channel from Basque Country, a spot from ECPV, a film school, and next Woody Allen movie, as an extra, called Rifkin´s Festival.

In this video you´ll see some of these experiences. Here (click there) I leave you a link to watch the full spot from ECPV, where I´m wearing big glasses and eating red candy.

I hope you enjoy my video and let me know your thoughts!

Martha W.

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