June 25, 2020

Jumbo Muffins

Sometimes you are just craving for some sweets but also thinking of getting something healthy and yummy. For that, I have the perfect idea: Jumbo Muffins, they´re a great homemade treat and also a good snack to end the day after a hot day at the beach, perfect to enjoy while catching up on your last Netflix series. 

I leave you here the recipe and also a link to my homemade American cookies, that I´ve used to top my muffins! For the muffin cup, I´ve used a paper cup cut as you see in the picture. Easy and eco-friendly, both important matters to keep in mind.

For the muffins                                                                             

200g white flour

100g granulated sugar                                              

100ml olive oil 

3 eggs

1/2 baking powder sachet

- - -

For the cookies

Click here for the recipe

Mix all the ingredients together starting with the eggs and meanwhile preheat the oven, and spread a bit of butter inside the paper cups so the muffin doesn´t get glued to the cup. Leave them in the oven for around 20 minutes at 150ยบ. 

I hope you bake them at home and let me know if so. Have a good day!

Martha W.


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