June 06, 2020

Golden Hour in the fields

June is here, and as the month starts we can appreciate that the days are becoming longer. Two weeks left till next season comes and we have all the signs in the sky.

Some people may prefer sunrises because of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and because they bring the promise of a day. For me, the sunsets are the greatest time of the day, when after all the heat and activity, we relax as we watch the sun coming down, the lights, the colours in the sky, and then the fresh and cozy night, that tells us to go back home, like Autumn after Summer.

My dress in the pictures is H&M´s but as it is last season I´m sharing here a similar one from ASOS. What´s your favourite moment of the day, sunrise or sunset? Let me know and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Martha W. 

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