December 10, 2015

About Christmas and New Projects

I´m into a new project and I
must put all my ideas on this
sketch book.

I´ll be showing you my work
while I´m doing it.

I´ve also got corn pancakes 
covered with chocolate.
You must try them!

All from Tiger shop.

Have a nice day

Martha W.

December 07, 2015

Pink atmosphere

Sunset light it´s one of the
most beautiful light and when winter
comes it becomes more special.

Heavy materials, long coats
and good vibes in this post.

Have a nice day!



December 03, 2015


That´s a shooting I´ve made
with a really good friend of mine.
The look was very strong and the photographer
was so good that the result was amazing.

Hope you like the photos
and thank you for visiting my blog
Don´t forget to  give your opinions whenver
you want guys!

Have a nice day

M. W.

July 08, 2015

About white feathers

These pictures show a corset that I made 
last year, in my 2nd year of my fashion degree.

I really liked this proyect and
I think it´s a pity we don´t use
 that garment anymore.

I cheer you up to buy one of those
and came back to the Pin-Up years!

M. W.

June 30, 2015

White shirt

This is a photoshoot I´ve done
to use for the first time my new tripod,
that I got for my birthday.

Hope you like the pics!




June 10, 2015

Feeling pin up

This desing has been made by a student of
my fashion college.

I really have fun in this
fashion shooting as you can see!

I hope you like it!

Martha Woolf