April 29, 2020

How to Grow your Hair FASTER

Last week I was intended to post this topic: how to grow your hair faster. But there was an incident, my phone died. So thanks to Fnac I had it replaced really fast (even under the circumstances) and that´s why I´m posting it today.

There are several tricks to grow your hair in a faster way but I´m sharing the one that has made a difference for me.

It´s an oil called jojoba. Some months ago someone told me about a mixture, which included jojoba oil, which makes your hair grow super fast but I wanted to try just the jojoba alone first.
In general, all oils are benecitial for our hair and skin but this one in particular it´s just AMAZING. The one I use it´s from a brand called Argamour, from Druni (linked it here). There are also other brands but this one is great because it´s 100% pure jojoba oil.

The result after two months and a half is a growth of 4.50 cm (1.8 inches) and my looks much healthier and shiny than before.

The procedure I followed was simple : 

- First, I trimmed the ends of my hair like 1 cm (0.3 inches) approximately.

- Secondly, I applied the jojoba oil all over the scalp, with your hair dry. Do this dividing your hair in sections so it´s easier to apply. After having done this, massage the scalp for some seconds.

- Leave it there for about an hour and rinse it in the shower. You may need to wash it twice (two shampoo applications) because your hair will get super oily.

You can follow these steps once or twice a month. If you want to do it once a week it´s okay as well, all the hydration your hair can get will help you to grow it faster. I recommend to do it less than that just because it´s a little bit expensive and you can vary using conditioners too.

There is no need to trim the ends every time you do it, just every two months so it helps the growth. If you do it too often you won´t see the difference so clear!

Hope you try it and like it because it really works for me as you can see in the picture below, two and a half months apart and it grew 4.50 cm (1.8 inches). It´s insane!

The top in the pictures is Zara (sorry it´s last Summer´s but linked a similar one). I also wanted to add that I took the pictures with no make up at all. Some days I just love a natural look.

Leave your comments to see what you think and if you have tried it too.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading!

Martha W.


April 20, 2020

Braids & Scrunchies

Hello everyone! I hope you´re having a good Monday or at least an okey one (stay home!). I woke up full of energy somehow and have planned to show you this week my secret to grow hair faster.

Today I leave you here some hairstyle inspiration. If you haven´t tried using scrunchies yet you must, because they are perfect to tight your hair if you´re working out or if you have a very fine hair (like me! Can´t wear anything else!) The one in the picture is H&M, linked it here but in different colour, and the jumper is H&M as well, linked a similar one, sorry it´s last season!

Also, did you know they were popular on the 90´s. Fashion always comes back luckily.

Stay tuned to discover my secret for a long hair and thanks for reading!

Martha W.

April 17, 2020

10 TIPS for CONCENTRATION during this quarantine

Here I share some useful tips for anyone who need a little extra focus on their daily activities during our current situation :

1. Make a list to plan your day , always a good method to stay focused.

2. Relax with some music around 30 minutes and allow yourself to use your phone or read a book or do any activity that you enjoy that feels like leisure time.

3. Cross out things on your list as you do them (SO SATISFYING and help you to keep going).

4. Set alarms on your phone so you can divide your morning / afternoon schedule (every 1.5/2 hours).

5. Keep your phone away, like in the other side of the room you´re in or even on another room if need it, you can leave it with the sound on for emergencies). Phones are so distracting and their only presence on our tables makes us so not focused.

6. Reward yourself every 2/2.30 hour with a healthy treat.


- Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts (a few pistachios, contain a lot of fat)

- Raw carrots (yummy and so good)

- Any kind of fruit (choose your favourites so you enjoy it and vary on them so you
don´t get bored of eating them every day)

- Sugar free bars (chocolate ones are great to focus, but try
not to eat the whole box)

- Rice cakes (the ones in the picture are from Flying Tiger)

- Chewing gums (if feeling just anxious but not hungry it´s a good
way to avoid snacking)

7. Move every 2 hours, at least to go to the loo, or:  walk your doggy, 20 minutes of pilates, yoga or meditation, walk around the house (this may sound silly but while you are on a phone call you can stretch your legs and it feels great). Even go for a walk if you are allowed in your country (in Spain is currently forbidden).

(Old pic from a photoshop back in college)

8. Grab some coffee or tea to keep you awake (but never too much, remember you´re at home all day, it can make you anxious in the long term).

9. Set a plan for the night. It will motivate you a lot till the end of the day. Around 6 / 8 pm you can stop working / studying (if your job allows it) and start making dinner and thinking about what movie or series are you watching tonight. Linked below some movie lists I´ve posted before, in case you need some inspiration:

Best Chick Flicks for a Girls´ Night Movies

My top 21 - I N D I E films

C O M E D I E S to laugh HARD !

10. Go to bed early and set the alarm early as well. This will create a healthy habit to help you concentrate the following day and it´ll keep you in a good routine.  

Thanks for reading once more, I hope these tips are helpful for you and give me any suggestion to increase the list.

Have a lovely day!

Martha W.

April 15, 2020

Best Chick Flicks for a Girls´ Night In

Chick flick for me doesn´t mean movies for girls but movies where the leading character is a female.
Most of the ones I share here are for everyone, with the "exception" for the first category, "Really Girly Comedies", where I´ve selected my favourite ones for a Girl´s Night or sleepover.

As you can see theey´re separated by category so you can choose one depending of your mood today. That´s what I normally do, I choose the movie by the mood.

The other categories include period films, biographies, classics, fantasy and fashion films. There was just one of them I couldn´t name, so I called it JUST GOOD ONES, don´t miss that list!

So hope you like them and wish there´re some that suprise you.

Don´t doubt in sharing your thoughts and have a nice day!

Martha W.


Mean Girls


Bride Wars

Easy A

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days

Parent Trap

Confessions of a Shopaholic

13 going on 30

Legally Blonde

The House Bunny

Wild Child

Saint Trinians

27 Dresses

All I wanna do

Sex in the City

The Princess Diaries


Freaky Friday

The Hot Chick

Just my Luck

10 Things I Hate About You

Bring it on

Valentine´s Day

A walk to remeber

J U S T so good O N E S

Steel Magnolias

Fried Green Tomatoes

The Help

The Notebook



Blow Dry

Sweet Home Alabama

Monalisa Smile



Stepford´s wifes


Pride and Prejudice

Sense and Sensibility

Portrait of a Lady

Little Women (all)

A Girl with a pearl earring

The Duchess


Jane Eyre


Desert Flower

The Hours

Marie Antoinette


Queen Victoria

The Other Boleyn Girl

Mary Queen of Scots

My week with Marilyn

Grace of Monaco

C L A S S I C S 

Breakfast at Tifanny´s

My fair lady

Gentlemen prefer blondes


Doctor Zhivago


The Sound of Music

F A N T A S Y  

Practical Magic

Twilight Saga

Red Ridding Hood

Ella Enchanted

Death becomes her

The Witches of Eastwick

Tuck everlasting


Beauty and the Beast


All Disney movies + Anastasia


Devil wears Prada

Ready to wear

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