December 31, 2019

Great things 2019 has had

So now that the year is coming to an end is the
time to check how good it has been.
Let me remark some of the best memories
this year has given me:

1. The opportunity to be an English teacher, working with kids and learning so much from them.

2. Created my very first feminist handmade totebag (includig remarkable women as Emma Watson, bell hooks and Virginia Woolf.

3. Come back to Madrid with my parter after 7 years from the first time we went there together.

4. Anne Boleyn has been my true inspiration for the costume I´ve designed

5. Went on a road trip to Saint Jean De Luz with the family

6. Proudly attended to my brother´s college graduation

7. Participated in a Woody Allen´s movie (Rifkin's festival, filmed at San Sabastian, in theatres in 2020)

8. Visited La France with my partner during Summertime  (including a visit to a real Chateaux)

9. Coming back to Galicia after so many years of summers there when I was a kid 

10. Moved with my partner (again) for good! Celebrating our sencond Halloween and first Christmas together

Happy New Year everyone!!

Martha Woolf

December 24, 2019

My top ten Christmas traditions

So today is Christmas Eve, and, because it´s a really busy day,
I´ll be brief in my post and I´ve made a list of my top ten Christmas 

1. Decorating. Might or might not be one of your favs but it´s
really special for me to see once again the Christmas decorations
I´ve colleted from my trips (Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Finland,
England, among others)

2. Baking cookies (or any kind of Christmas dessert like sponge or cinnamon rolls)

3.Watching all my favourite Holiday movies (some of the best ones are Love Actually, Harry Potter, Elf or Polar Express)

4. Go ice skating with my boyfriend (we´ve been going for three years now and I love it, it´s really fun and it brings me back great memories from when I was a kid)

5. Making homemade Christmas cards (and sending them to my family)

6. Go window shopping (love Christmas windows specially at places like Selfridges in London and Christmas lights in any city, and go shopping to find the perfect sparkling outfit to wear at New Year´s Eve, even if you freeze to death but always looking fab)

7. Buy, wrap, give and open presents (really special moment)

8. Take some cute Christmas pictures (to make our annual Christmas greeting card)

9. Play some board games with my loved ones (specially Monopoly, a real tradition)

10. Gathering with my whole family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

So I hope everyone has a holly jolly Christmas!

Martha W.


December 19, 2019

Shadows for every eyecolour

Today I want to talk about the different shades that suit every different eyecolour.

For example, let´s start with the dark browns, hazelnuts or black eyes. The colours that are best for them are the warm ones. The ochres, wines, browns in all the shades...

On the other side, we have the the greens and blues, and for these ones the cool shades go better, like lavenders or every irisdiscent tone, and sometimes, but this is just my opinion, reds and raspberries look stunning on them.

Of course this is just a subjective opinion but if you do a little research about it you´ll see I´m no that wrong.

Leave your comment to share your preferences. My absolute favourite, for my green eyes, are dark pinks or even burgundies.

Have a lovely day!

Pd.: eyeshadows palette is Drune´s
sunnies are Aldo´s
sweater is H&M´s
hairband is Primark

December 09, 2019

In an Autumn Fairytale

Good evening dear readers!

Today it´s been two years and one month since the last post in this online diary.
Every year I try to keep it updated but for one reason or another I get distracted from doing it.

From the last post, my life has changed quite a bit.
In that time I was living in London, with my partner. Living with him was the only thing I share with that moment in 2017 and the present time.

We moved back to Spain that December, and in September 2018 I moved abroad again, to Ireland this time.

Ireland will be explained in another post, where I´ll talk about my experience in detail.

After this great adveture, I returned home seeing my future plan very clear, about what and where I wanted to do it.

Now, and for a month now, we have resumed again the family life we started in England, in a new home, and that way we end this year and begin together a new 2020.

Here you´ll see some pictures from a beautiful place we discovered in the city of Santander, called Deluz. It´s a restaurant located in a stunning garden in El Sardinero, where you can enjoy a delicious gourmet meal while you take a walk on the garden or the porch.

And, for the autumn lovers, which I am, going there in this time of the year is a double better experience just because this place between October and December look like a fairytale.

If you ever come to this city, don´t hesitate in coming there.

Again, thank you for reading and see you soon, this time, for good,

Martha W.


Buenas noches queridos lectores!

Hoy hace aproximadamente dos años y un mes desde la última publicación en este
diario online.
Cada año intento retomarlo pero por A por B acabo distrayéndome de hacerlo.
Desde la última publicación mi vida ha cambiado bastante.
Entonces, vivía en Londres, con mi pareja. Vivir con él es lo único que comparto con
ese tiempo en 2017 y ahora.
Nos mudamos ese mismo diciembre de vuelta a España, y en septiembre de 2018 volví a vivir
un par de meses en el extranjero, esta vez, en Irlanda.
Irlanda tendrá su propio post próximamente, donde contaré con más detalle mi experiencia alli.
Después de esta última aventura, volví a casa teniendo las cosas claras sobre lo que quería hacer y dónde hacerlo.
Ahora, y desde hace un mes escaso, hemos reanudado la convivencia que comenzamos en Inglaterra y de esta forma cerramos este año y comenzamos juntos un próximo 2020.

Aquí dejo las imágenes de un lugar precioso que descubrimos en la ciudad de Santander, llamado Deluz. Es un restaurante ubicado en unos bonitos jardines de El Sardinero, donde se puede disfrutar tanto de una deliciosa carta gourmet como de un tranquilo paseo en su jardín o en su porche.

Además, para todos los interesados en el otoño, mi estación favorita, ir en esta época supone una doble experiencia ya que este lugar entre octubre y diciembre parece sacado de un cuento.

No duden en visitarlo si están de escapada en está bonita ciudad.

De nuevo, gracias por leerme y hasta pronto, esta vez, de verdad,

Martha W.