March 26, 2020

My top 21 - I N D I E films

From top to bottom I´ve selected my 5 favourites ones. Then, the rest are also great indie
films that I´ve watched so many times and some of them has ispired me for many project or
even illustrations (for those who don´t follow @marthawoolfillustration).

My top four directors are Sofia Coppola, Greta Gerwig, Woody Allen and Tarantino.

Please don´t hesitate comenting your favs and sharing your opinions.
Down the cover you´ll find the trailer to help you decide which one you´ll see tonight.

Thank you once more for reading

Martha W.

American Beauty - 1999 - Sam Mendes

The Virgin Suicides - 1999 - by Sofia Coppola

Juno - 2007 - by Diablo Cody

Lady Bird - 2017 - by Greta Gerwig

Ghost World - 2001 - by Terry Zwigoff

Moonrise Kingdom - 2012 - Wes Anderson

Winter´s Bone - 2010 - by Debra Granik

Pulp fiction - 1994 - by Quentin Tarantino

Reservoir Dogs - 1992 - by Quentin Tarantino

Lost in Translation - 2003 - by Sofia Coppola 

Melalncholia - 2011 - by Lars Von Trier

It follows - 2014 - by David Robert Mitchell  

Little Miss Sunshine - 2006 - by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton

Paranormal Activity - 2007- by Oren Peli

Mudbound -  2017 - by Dee Rees

Annie Hall - 1977 - by Woody Allen

The Blair Witch Project - 1999 - by Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick

Donnie Darko - 2001 - by Richard Kelly

The Evil Dead - 1981 - by Sam Raimi

Requiem for a dream - 2000 - by Darren Aronofsky

The breakfast club - 1985 - by John Hughes

March 24, 2020

C O M E D I E S to laugh HARD !

So as the result of the poll I did recently in my Instagram (@martawoolf) I´ve decided to publish a list of the Best Comedies of all time (as I always say, as a subjective opinion). I will also post a list of indie films because they were many people voting for this genre as well.

This list is organized by every movie´s nationality. So here is my opinion. There are quite many American comedies that are funny but most of them they have a quite simple humor (NOT all of them as Bridesmaids is one of my TOP ONES), as it happens often with the Spanish ones. 

On the other hand we have the French and the English films with a sharp and smart humor that make you laugh to tears. These ones are my absolutely favourites.

You´ll see a difference in the list: the yellow titles are the MOST HILARIOUS ones and the ones with an arrow are the SO GOOD ones.

Please enjoy them and comment which one you liked the most (via Blog, Instagram or Facebook)

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day!

Martha Woolf


- Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Alexander y el día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso)

-Bridesmaids (La boda de mi mejor amiga) 

- El becario (The Intern)  

- Leap year (Tenías que ser tu)  

- Dan in real life (Como la vida misma)  

- It´s kind of a funny story (Una historia casi divertida)

- Silver Linnings Playbook (El lado bueno de las cosas) 

- The Hangover (Resacón en las Vegas)

- American Pie (TODAS)

- Big Momma´s House (Mi abuela es un peligro)


- Bridget Jones Diary, ALL (El diario de Bridget Jones, TODAS) 

- Death at a funeral (Un funeral de muerte)  

- Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (El exótico hotel Marigold) 

- Four weddings and a funeral (Cuatro bodas y un funeral) 

- What we did on our holiday (Último verano en Escocia) 


- Bienvenidos al norte

- El albergue rojo 

- Dios mío, ¿pero qué te hemos hecho?,  AMBAS  

- No molestar 

- The Wedding cake (El pastel de la boda) 


- A perfect plan (Llévame a la luna)


- Las ovejas no pierden el tren

- Campeones 

- El mejor verano de mi vida


- Un italiano en Noruega

March 22, 2020

How to lighten your hair naturally

If you want to try this hair mask at home, I recommend you to do it if your hair color is brown, light brown or dark blonde. Otherwise you won’t notice any difference.
Maybe the first day you won’t see a big change but for sure you’ll see you hair much brighter and it’ll feel smoother.
If you apply this hair mask once or twice a week in two weeks you’ll start to see your hair a shade lighter.
To make the mask you just need to get the following ingredients and follow the steps.

I N G R E D I E N T S :

  - 1 medium size jar of water
  - Half lemon    
  - 1 tablespoon of honey
 - If you want or have at home use camomile flowers
- Camomile champoo                                                                                                                   

First you need to heat the water in the jar. It needs to be warm but if you have camomila flowers it needs to boil so you make a camomile tea. The camomile tea will help to light up you tone and smooth your hair. In the hair mask that you see in the picture I didn’t use the camomile flowers cause I ran out of them, but they’re very recommended.

While the water (or tea) is still hot put the tablespoon of honey and stir it and then squeeze half lemon (be careful with the seeds!)

After having done this, leave the mixture to cool so it doesn’t burn.
Brush your hair and then split it in half. Twist your hair as in the picture and put it inside
 the jar (this is only a tip, you can apply it anyway you want but for me that way is easier).

When the mask is properly applied make two tight buns (as in the photo collage below) and leave it like this for an hour.
Rinse the mask using a camomile champoo if you have. I use the one in the picture from Kéranove (in the picture down below) I recommend as well the ones from Intea. It gives you the final touch and you can
Down below you can see a picture of my hair color 4 months ago  (left) and now (right picture) after having use this hair mask about 6 times, less than twice a month.

You can use it once a week and take a picture to see the before and
after, it’s always nice to see the process!

Don’t forget to comment if you want more hair posts and I
see you soon. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Martha W.

March 18, 2020

Easy and comfortable hairstyle

So today I’ve done a pretty easy braided hairstyle that can be useful if you’re home and don’t want your hair to bother you and at the same time you don’t want something too complicated, or if you go out for dinner and want to look cute.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is not too long, you just have to follow the following steps:

1. Brush your hair (always start from the bottom so you don’t harm the trims)

2. Make two normal braids (better no Dutch braids, if they’re loose it’ll be easier to wear)

3. Take any amount of hair you like to frame your face and give it a romantic style

4. Twist the braids over your head just like in the picture

5. Hold the braids with bobby-pins and decorate them with original hair pins if you like (as the ones in the pictures, I use them cause their the best to hold my fine hair). You can also decorate them with flowers, I’ll leave here some inspo for that


Don’t be afraid to make it messy or even doing it just with half of your hair. Try different ways and have fun in the process

Hope you enjoy it!

Martha W.

March 17, 2020

Scary movies you may not have seen

A couple of days ago I asked in my insta stories (@martawoolf for those who don’t follow) about horror movies recommendations to watch during this quarantine. Some of you asked me about the result  so I’ve decided to do a post about my top horror movies. I’ve done two different lists.

One list it’s for my fav horror movies while the other list talks about the ones that not many of you might know and they’re great and super scary

Of course this is a subjective opinion but I’ll leave you a great deal of films so you can start your new list of favorites.

I hope everyone is doing well and please take this situation seriously and stay home. We need to act as a community, thinking for ourselves and everybody else.

Just to finish I’d like to inform you that I’ll be sharing different movies (not horror) from this blog so you have a different agenda than Netflix (it is great but too short)

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Martha W.


- The Others (Los Otros)

- The Sixth Sense (El sexto sentido)

- The Conjuring, including Annabelle and The Nun (Expediente Warren,
TODAS incluyendo Annabelle y la Monja)

-The woman in black (La mujer de negro, ambas)

- Paranormal Activity (TODAS)

- The Shinning (El Resplandor)

- Orphan (La huérfana)

- Halloween (TODAS)

-Scream (TODAS)

- House of wax (La casa de cera)

- Fright Night, 2011 (Noche de miedo)

- Insidious (TODAS)

- The silent of the lambs (el silencio de los corderos)

- A nightmare in Elm Street (Pesadilla en Elm Street)

- The ring (La señal)

- Rec (TODAS)

-The hills have eyes (Las colinas tienen ojos)


- Hide and seek (El escondite)

- The Village (El bosque)

- Let me in, European version (Déjame entrar)

- The uninvited (Presencias extrañas)

- 30 days of night (30 dias de oscuridad)

- Trick ‘r treat (Truco o trato)

- 1408

- Carrie

- Blair witch (2019)

-  An American Haunting (Maleficio)

- The wolfman (El hombre lobo)

- The skeleton key (La llave del mal)

- Shrooms (Cabeza de muerte)

- The visit (La Visita)

-The gallows (La horca)

- Drag me to hell (Arrástrame al infierno)

 - The boy (El Niño)

- It follows

- The forest  (El bosque de los suicidas)


That’s all for now

Thanks for reading once more!

Martha Woolf

March 16, 2020

A witch in Bruges

A place stuck in time. The best place to enter
 The Fairytale: B R U G E S

I came to this place with a misconception, the idea that the name has something to do with witches, due to the translation to Spanish that is Brujas which means witches.
Nevermind, this place got me enchanted for a long time. It appearance fairytale like was it main attraction and the old architecture made it a perfect holiday destination.

In 2015 we booked a trip to Belgium but the attacks that took place there at that time made us called off the voyage. Five years later we have made this short trip, visiting the city of Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges.

Even if this kind of old town places doesn’t fit your bucket list it will surprise you, cause you’re gonna love it.

The town itself is small and not full of touristic activities but just a walk through the channels and a view from the main square will make your visit worthy. We did as well a virtual time travel in the History museum and it was the coolest thing. 
Also the fact that we took a train to get there and enjoyed the countryside landscape was a plus in this  journey.

Again I leave you here another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED place to visit.

Thanks for reading 

M. Woolf

Dress, coat and ankle boots  -  H&M