March 18, 2020

Easy and comfortable hairstyle

So today I’ve done a pretty easy braided hairstyle that can be useful if you’re home and don’t want your hair to bother you and at the same time you don’t want something too complicated, or if you go out for dinner and want to look cute.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is not too long, you just have to follow the following steps:

1. Brush your hair (always start from the bottom so you don’t harm the trims)

2. Make two normal braids (better no Dutch braids, if they’re loose it’ll be easier to wear)

3. Take any amount of hair you like to frame your face and give it a romantic style

4. Twist the braids over your head just like in the picture

5. Hold the braids with bobby-pins and decorate them with original hair pins if you like (as the ones in the pictures, I use them cause their the best to hold my fine hair). You can also decorate them with flowers, I’ll leave here some inspo for that


Don’t be afraid to make it messy or even doing it just with half of your hair. Try different ways and have fun in the process

Hope you enjoy it!

Martha W.

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