March 22, 2020

How to lighten your hair naturally

If you want to try this hair mask at home, I recommend you to do it if your hair color is brown, light brown or dark blonde. Otherwise you won’t notice any difference.
Maybe the first day you won’t see a big change but for sure you’ll see you hair much brighter and it’ll feel smoother.
If you apply this hair mask once or twice a week in two weeks you’ll start to see your hair a shade lighter.
To make the mask you just need to get the following ingredients and follow the steps.

I N G R E D I E N T S :

  - 1 medium size jar of water
  - Half lemon    
  - 1 tablespoon of honey
 - If you want or have at home use camomile flowers
- Camomile champoo                                                                                                                   

First you need to heat the water in the jar. It needs to be warm but if you have camomila flowers it needs to boil so you make a camomile tea. The camomile tea will help to light up you tone and smooth your hair. In the hair mask that you see in the picture I didn’t use the camomile flowers cause I ran out of them, but they’re very recommended.

While the water (or tea) is still hot put the tablespoon of honey and stir it and then squeeze half lemon (be careful with the seeds!)

After having done this, leave the mixture to cool so it doesn’t burn.
Brush your hair and then split it in half. Twist your hair as in the picture and put it inside
 the jar (this is only a tip, you can apply it anyway you want but for me that way is easier).

When the mask is properly applied make two tight buns (as in the photo collage below) and leave it like this for an hour.
Rinse the mask using a camomile champoo if you have. I use the one in the picture from Kéranove (in the picture down below) I recommend as well the ones from Intea. It gives you the final touch and you can
Down below you can see a picture of my hair color 4 months ago  (left) and now (right picture) after having use this hair mask about 6 times, less than twice a month.

You can use it once a week and take a picture to see the before and
after, it’s always nice to see the process!

Don’t forget to comment if you want more hair posts and I
see you soon. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Martha W.

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