March 17, 2020

Scary movies you may not have seen

A couple of days ago I asked in my insta stories (@martawoolf for those who don’t follow) about horror movies recommendations to watch during this quarantine. Some of you asked me about the result  so I’ve decided to do a post about my top horror movies. I’ve done two different lists.

One list it’s for my fav horror movies while the other list talks about the ones that not many of you might know and they’re great and super scary

Of course this is a subjective opinion but I’ll leave you a great deal of films so you can start your new list of favorites.

I hope everyone is doing well and please take this situation seriously and stay home. We need to act as a community, thinking for ourselves and everybody else.

Just to finish I’d like to inform you that I’ll be sharing different movies (not horror) from this blog so you have a different agenda than Netflix (it is great but too short)

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Martha W.


- The Others (Los Otros)

- The Sixth Sense (El sexto sentido)

- The Conjuring, including Annabelle and The Nun (Expediente Warren,
TODAS incluyendo Annabelle y la Monja)

-The woman in black (La mujer de negro, ambas)

- Paranormal Activity (TODAS)

- The Shinning (El Resplandor)

- Orphan (La huérfana)

- Halloween (TODAS)

-Scream (TODAS)

- House of wax (La casa de cera)

- Fright Night, 2011 (Noche de miedo)

- Insidious (TODAS)

- The silent of the lambs (el silencio de los corderos)

- A nightmare in Elm Street (Pesadilla en Elm Street)

- The ring (La señal)

- Rec (TODAS)

-The hills have eyes (Las colinas tienen ojos)


- Hide and seek (El escondite)

- The Village (El bosque)

- Let me in, European version (Déjame entrar)

- The uninvited (Presencias extrañas)

- 30 days of night (30 dias de oscuridad)

- Trick ‘r treat (Truco o trato)

- 1408

- Carrie

- Blair witch (2019)

-  An American Haunting (Maleficio)

- The wolfman (El hombre lobo)

- The skeleton key (La llave del mal)

- Shrooms (Cabeza de muerte)

- The visit (La Visita)

-The gallows (La horca)

- Drag me to hell (Arrástrame al infierno)

 - The boy (El Niño)

- It follows

- The forest  (El bosque de los suicidas)


That’s all for now

Thanks for reading once more!

Martha Woolf

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