March 16, 2020

A witch in Bruges

A place stuck in time. The best place to enter
 The Fairytale: B R U G E S

I came to this place with a misconception, the idea that the name has something to do with witches, due to the translation to Spanish that is Brujas which means witches.
Nevermind, this place got me enchanted for a long time. It appearance fairytale like was it main attraction and the old architecture made it a perfect holiday destination.

In 2015 we booked a trip to Belgium but the attacks that took place there at that time made us called off the voyage. Five years later we have made this short trip, visiting the city of Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges.

Even if this kind of old town places doesn’t fit your bucket list it will surprise you, cause you’re gonna love it.

The town itself is small and not full of touristic activities but just a walk through the channels and a view from the main square will make your visit worthy. We did as well a virtual time travel in the History museum and it was the coolest thing. 
Also the fact that we took a train to get there and enjoyed the countryside landscape was a plus in this  journey.

Again I leave you here another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED place to visit.

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M. Woolf

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