May 01, 2020

Analyzing Our Teenage Fiction : 3 sagas and their movies

(a gothic, a little prep, a little prer-raphaelite, not very punky, teenage me)

So here is a throwback to my teenagehood, and probably to yours as well if you are ´90/´00s kid.

Today I´m talking about popular young adult fiction from the 00´s. From 2005 to 2008 Vampire Fiction got so popular due to the Twilight Saga. Since then, other novels with the same topic were released and soon they started with adaptations for the big screen.

Here I´m sharing the top 3 book sagas that hooked an entire generation of teens.
They soon turned into series and movies to trapped the non-readers too.

And why was this topic so fascinating? The answer is quite simple, the girl was normally a student or a young girl, so every teen girl could relate to her, and hi was a sexy and mysterious guy who was the perfect boyfriend. Also the three sagas I´m sharing here have a love triangle, I guess reading that can hook as well.

So the main argument for these novels is quite simple, and now we can all understand why our teen (13,14,15,16, 17 years old) selves were so obsessed with them.

Now, apart from that, what do you feel rewatching the movies and series nowadays? Does it change for you? In my opinion, there are quite many things that have changed and, of course, after 10 years, my point of view is totally different. Anyway, I still can get what made them so appealing to read and watch.

So let´s start:


This fiction tells the story of Sookie, a cute waitress living in a small town (oh, because the action always happens in small towns) who knows a guys which happens to be something more. No spoilers, thought I hope you are reading this having watched/read it a long time ago! If not, you have to do it cause this is everthing but a teenager story. It won´t disappoint you.


A girl with a sad and dark past meets a boy which is good and kind and then his evil but hot brother get in the way. As I said, no spoilers, if you watched or read this when you were 15 years old you can maybe enjoy it now again. For me, the plot it´s quite repetitive in all the seasons but you have to admit this: Ian Somerhalder makes it worth watching.


So what happens with this saga is the same as it happens with pineaple in the pizza. You whether love it or absolutely hate it. The books, if you´ve read them, they´re written in a way that is very nice and easy to read, plus intriguing. The story is okay, a new girl in town meets mysterious boy and then, again, someone gets in the way. However, in these books and movies the story really changes from when you read it back in highschool to reread it or rewatch it now.
We can see some bad signs in our main male character: he is an obsessive, freak controller and, Robert Pattison forgives me, but his character is also a bit of a pycho.
Even though, I like to rewatch the saga every now and then because it´s like comfort food, easy and comfy, and makes you feel a bit nostalgic about your teenagehood.

Once again, I hope you enjoy reading me and don´t hesitate on commenting, I´d loved to hear your thoughts.

Martha W.

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