May 15, 2020

Healthy Pancakes

Hello everyone! Today I´m sharing with you a super easy healthy pancake recipe.
If you are craving for some weekend pancakes but you also don´t want too much sugar this is the perfect treat for you.

Also, you will just need two really simple ingredients: 

- 2 eggs
- 1 banana

It´s this easy! I recommend you to use a blender instead of doing it manually just because it makes the mixture more uniform to get perfect pancakes.
The taste is so good and you can add some maple syrup, chocolate or berries to make it sweeter.
I´ve topped mine with maple syrup and fresh strawberries (we´re growing them at home!). Also mine are minipancakes just because I love to do many of them like you see in the picture. If you like to do more (like for two people) you just have to double the ingredients.

So please share all your thoughts through this blog, or Instagram, or Pinterest or in my YouTube channel, and if you make this recipe tag me if you like! I´d love to see yours.

Wish you a Happy Friday and a good weekend!

Martha W.

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