May 20, 2020

Curl your Hair Without Heat

For today´s shooting I´ve used a simple method to curl my hair. It´s a non-heat way to create nice curls without damaging it and especially your trims.
I´ve been using it since I was twelve, when I didn´t own a hair curler and some pieces of fabric were super easy to get. 
It is simple and easy, and the effect depends a bit on your hair texture. For example, for mine which is very fine, I just have to wear it for an hour to see the effect. But for this tutorial I´ve worn it longer.

Here I leave you the steps:

  1.  Get a lock of hair, not too thick or it won´t curl
  2. Spray water over it so it gets a bit wet to help the process
  3. Roll it in a lace or a piece of fabric (like the one in the picture)
  4. Leave it like that from 2-3 hours (I waited 3 hours this time). The shape of your curls will depend on the time you leave the laces rolled.

If you try this at home don´t hesitate in letting me know and comment here or in my Instagram
I´d love to see how it looks!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Martha W.

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