May 28, 2020

Dalgona Coffee all the way

Iced coffee is a perfect refreshment for Summer but few weeks ago I discovered something even better: Dalgona Coffee. This is a cold coffee with a creamy texture. It´s super easy to make and really good to enjoy. Here I leave you the recipe:

- 2 table spoons of powder coffee (it could be decaf)

- 1 table spoon of granulated sugar (better brown sugar)

- 1 table spoon of boiling water

Mix everything with metal rods (don´t use a fork) for about 10 minutes till it looks creamy and light brown.

Add milk and ice to your glass and top it with the coffee cream. Voila! There you have your very first Dalgona Coffee. Pd.: I love topping it with some cinnamon or cocoa powder for extra sweetness.

Hope you´ve enjoyed it!

Martha W.

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