May 12, 2020

V I K I N G style

So I´ve recently finished watching Vikings, which is an incredibly well-produced series for those who don´t know (totally recommended!). My favourite character is Lagertha and I am absolutely amazed by her hairstyles.

I got inspired by her hairdos (the clip in the picture it´s H&M´s, linked a similar one)  and made up one which you can actually wear to work or to a dinner.
Maybe we can´t say the same about the makeup (shadow palette it´s Druni´s), which was also inspired by this Viking woman. Smokey eyes, cat eye shadows , always flattering to wear.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and don´t be hard on me, I´m not a professional! Neither with the make-up nor with the hairdressing. But I had tons of fun doing this, especially watching Kev´s (my partner) face when I asked him to help me with the shooting and saw me wearing all this.

Have a nice day

Martha W.

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